How to Download a Movie using Bitcomet

1. First, you need to download Bitcomet Here
2. Or Search for Bitcomet website in

3. Download the Bitcomet application for FREE.

4. After you download the app lets dig in to the installation. Just read on.

5. Install the program, Click OK.
6. Click Next.

7. Ab-course! you'll click I Agree.

8. Click Next.

9. Click Install.

10. Wait for the installation to finish.

11. Click Finish.

12. Now, here is the Preview of the Bitcomet.

13. To start the dowload, just double-click your torrent file.

14. Wait until you see this next picture, then click download now.

15. Now this is the download stage. Note: downloading a large movie requires fast internet, if your internet is slow, your download varies on the speed of your internet, it may take hours or even a day just to download 1 movie, but for others which has more than 2 MBPS internet speed, you'll enjoy downloading more movies ahead.

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