How to add security feature to your computer with sRemote

Spy on your own computer or your kids computer using only your GMAIL account.Have you ever think of buying a security software to monitor your computers at home or even at your office?
Some people wants to know what their kids are browsing with the computers located in their room, and they cannot find an easy way to do it without their kids knowing that they're being monitored.
In the office, computers who's employees are always doing some browsing and using the office hours visiting websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail etc. ending up to losing productivity. Here is the answer to your problems.
I have found a free software that can do the following;
  • To control your computer at home; you can do the following command while your away from home.
    • Shutdown your PC.
    • Forcely shutdown the PC.
    • Restarts off your PC.
    • Logs off your PC.
    • Execute any command, file or program (such as a MP3 file).
    • Send a text message.
    • Exits any application.
    • Check the up-time of your PC: for how many minutes your computer has been running.
    • Most importantly? Take screenshots of your desktop at all times.
    • And many more;
A computer with an  internet which is consistently connected or always online.

Email Sending Format:

123456(); = the password you set to sRemote [Note: you can change your password to whatever you like]
screenshot(); = command [Find more commands below]
TO: [Recommended: use your own gmail account to make this effective.]
Subject: 123456();screenshot();
Then click send.

sRemote Commands:
123456();screenshot(); [attaches the screenshot to the returning email.]
123456();shutdown(); [shutdown your PC.]
123456();logoff(); [logs off your PC.]
123456();restart(); [restarts off your PC.]
123456();abort(); [abort shutdown: Will abort the shutting of PC.]
123456();run(; [run any command or program:]
123456();run(c:\music\dhoom.mp3); [file or program (such as a mp3 file).]
123456();play(c:\music\dhoom.wav); [play a wave file.]
123456();msg(text); [send a text message.]
123456();log(text); [log some info: writes some info into the log file.]
123456();exit(); [exits the application.]
123456();beep(); [Sound a beep.]
123456();forceshut(); [forcely shutdown the PC.]
123456();mail(sender,password,receiver,body,subject); [send an email from any gmail id:]
123456();processes(); [get list of processes with PID and title of window.]
123456();kill(PID); [kill a process given its PID which you can get from the "processes" command]
123456();getlist(c:); [get list of files and folders in a directory.]
123456();getfile(path); [get a file: attaches the specified file in the returning email. [if the file is an exe file, the it is renamed to .super file. File size limit: 25MB]
123456();delfile(path); [delete a file.]
123456();deldir(path); [delete a directory.]
123456();uptime(); [the uptime of your PC: for how many minutes your computer has been running.]
123456();copy(oldpath,newpath); [copy a file.]
123456();move(oldpath,newpath); [move a file.]
123456();help(); [get this file mailed to you.]
123456();wait(5); [pause the processing for a number of seconds.]
123456();ping(; [ping a server to see if it is alive.]
Sample Commands that I tried to my friends PC:
123456();run(;"to play Gangnam Style"

...explore other commands yourself.
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