How to join a Wireless Router to a Network Switch with domain function.

How to join a wireless network to your existing wired network with applicable internet connection?

Equipment used:
  1. Linksys SRW2024 24-Port Switch
  2. Juniper SSG-5 Firewall
  3. Linksys WRT610N Wireless Router

Note: My current setup has a domain controller. I have not tested this in a simple connection at home,
but i hope it will also work with a simple setup even without a domain controller.

I got this setup by discovery and I implemented it in our company. It works for us.

How did i do this? Here is my setup.

  1. Connect the Network Switch to a firewall.
  2. Configure your wireless router and change the default IP to 192.168.0.x, where x is the avalable IP for internet connection.
  3. Connect the Wireless router to the network switch (for the switch, any port is OK, while for wireless router, use the internet port).
  4. Connect another lan cable to wireless router's port and the network switch port.
  5. Now, when you connect to the wireless network, get to know the IP address, then replace it with any IP address in range of to
  6. After you change your PC's ip address, go to the firewall setup, through policy, set the ip address to acquire access to the internet.
In my office, we have  more than 40 wired desktop and laptop, 9 wireless laptop and 8 wireless mobiles, (iPhone4, iPod Touch and iPad), all connected within the IP range of to

That's it. Please leave a comment if you have any questions. or add your questions in the forum area.
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